Radical newness: three brands to watch

Faded and Like Butter by Topicals
Three brands have captured my attention by radically shifting the conversation around beauty. One of these brands, Topicals, launched with Like Butter, a hydrating mask, and Faded, a brightening treatment, using clinically-proven ingredients.

It’s exciting to live in an era when anyone with enough will can up and start a beauty brand. It’s not easy, it’s not inexpensive, and there’s a lot of noise to break through.

Three brands that have radically differentiated themselves from typical conversations in the beauty world: 19/99 Beauty, MOB Beauty, and Topicals. Read more to find out how.

A resurrection of sorts

Hi! This blog hasn’t been updated in quite some time, and so much has changed in the intervening years. When I started Plateau Beauty, I was obsessed with trying out and becoming an expert in every possible product and launch. Newness drove the industry (it still does) and over-spending was the norm, to the point where I amassed a collection I couldn’t possibly use in a lifetime.

Fast forward to today. Two massive events have completely transformed my relationship to beauty. We’re a year into a global pandemic, and I became a mom. Phew.

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